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About Mālama Mat™

The Mālama Mat material is a hand made, dual-layer weave that allows sand to fall through rather than get stuck, creating a true sand-free beach experience. The patented Flex Mesh is soft, pliable, and comes divided into large individual pockets that close with rugged marine-grade zippers. The Mālama Mat is the ultimate beach mat, spacious and colorful, designed to help preserve our beautiful beaches and prevent trash from blowing out to sea. Mālama Mat is lightweight, convenient, and made from one of the world’s most recyclable materials, HDPE. As a Mālama Mat owner, you can be proud that you are part of the solution to the global epidemic of trash in the ocean. Join us to proactively face the growing challenges of erosion and sea pollution! Together we can make a huge difference. A donation to Surfriders is given for each Mālama Mat that is sold.
Malama Mat Beach Photograph
Malama Mat on the sand

Common Features to all Mālama Mat™ (Blankets)

  • Enjoy the outdoors sand-free
  • Dual layer weave technology for true sand-free beach time
  • Quick-drying and water resistant
  • UV stabilized
  • Easy to clean with a quick rinse
  • Non-absorbent surface
  • Mold-free material
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-fade colors
  • To clean rinse off easily
  • Windproof, rustproof aluminum sand stakes included
  • Flex Mesh with marine-grade zippers for safety and protection
  • Sand falls out through dual weave material with ease
  • Gives your child a comfortable and safe area to play on
  • A donation to Surfriders is given for each Mālama Mat that is sold
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Free standard shipping with any online purchase of $100 or more
  • Rugged HDPE Material that is 100% Recyclable.
  • Each Mālama Mat is patent pending and handcrafted in the USA
  • Reinforced edges with D-rings.
  • Ideal for outdoor concerts, kids’ soccer games, camping, hiking, tent and RV patios, and more
  • Easily folds or rolls into a tote bag with our optional shoulder strap or Yoga Strap
  • Large Flex Mesh pockets keep all your beach gear, snorkels, keys, smartphone, sunscreen, and sunglasses safe from the wind