Mālama Mat is the only mat of its kind. It’s a sand-free dual layer mat that allows sand, dust and dirt to filter through from top to bottom, paired with sewn-on, patented Flex Mesh that allows personal property like cameras, snorkel gear, lunch, etc. to be protected from wind and theft.
As the dual layer material is comprised of small holes that filter out dry particles, wet mud and wet sand will need to dry before the filtering will happen. As soon as the mud dries to dirt, it will filter through with amazing ease. Of course, any particles too large for the filter will not be filtered out, but a simple swipe of your hand will remove those quickly, since the filter doesn’t let them in, either.
There are three sizes of Mālama Mats with our patented Flex Mesh. The two smallest Mālama Mats are stand alone storage mats, about the size of a large beach towel, and they each weigh about 2 pounds. The next-largest is sized for a single adult and weighs about 3 pounds. The largest is sized for two adults and weighs about 4 pounds.
We realized early on that laying on the beach is not for everyone; some people like to sit on chairs instead. Thanks to our stand-alone mats, beach chair fans can still have a sand-free experience and protect their personal property. These two mats (the Tahoma and Akela) are the size of a large beach towel and have our patented Flex Mesh sewn on. One has two large pockets that are secured with marine-grade zippers, while the other has one big pocket with an open Flex Mesh panel at the other end that can stretch up and over larger items like a small cooler, beach balls, or backpacks. All Mālama Mats have D-rings in the corners and come with a set of sand stakes for stability in windy conditions.
Yes, our patented Flex Mesh is amazing! Equipped with sturdy marine-grade zippers for added storage security, Flex Mesh can easily stretch to twice its size, then return immediately to its original size. It’s a great storage choice for items at risk of being stolen, or just for securing trash that might otherwise be carried out to the ocean by a gust of wind.
Yes, there are four models. All four are sand-free and come with rugged Flex Mesh stretchable storage, sturdily sewn onto the mat. Two models are just the right size for laying out (the Ohana and Pono) and are ideal accessories for a sunny day at the beach. The other two (the Tahoma and Akela) are primarily intended for storing personal property, making them perfect for anyone planning to relax in a beach chair.
Simply hose the mat off and allow it to quickly dry before storing. A little ordinary soap and water, softly brushed on the surface, will remove anything sticky that happens to get on the mat.
Yes! The two stand-alone storage mats can be fully loaded with items in the Flex Mesh. Then simply fold the full mat in half, attach the optional shoulder strap to the D-rings, and off you go. Sand will filter out freely as you walk.
We think the easiest way is with our optional Yoga Strap. Simply roll (or fold and roll) the Mālama Mat up, then slide the looped ends of the Yoga Strap over the mat ends, and hand tighten to your liking.
Yes, even small items can be stored inside and secured, thanks to our marine-grade zippers. If you need additional privacy, we also offer a personal, sand-free, zippered mesh bag where you can stow smaller items not meant for everybody’s eyes. The personal sand-free mesh bag comes with its own clip that attaches securely anywhere on the Mālama Mat, or simply store it inside the mat’s Flex Mesh.
Our waterproof dry bags (available in orange or blue) are 20 liters, which is large enough to carry a couple of big beach towels, a camera, lunch, and some personal items like wallets. Each bag also comes with a shoulder straps for added comfort. To secure the dry bag after loading, roll the top down, then link the top two corners together with the attached clip. (Tip: try using one shoulder strap to carry your Mālama Mat, and the other to carry the dry bag!)
We provide a 12-month warranty against any and all manufacturing defects. We like to fix issues right away, so please call or email us if there is a problem with your mat.
As beach sand is rapidly disappearing from many wonderful beaches, we knew we wanted to create a product that helps keep as much sand as possible on the shore where it belongs. We also love the outdoors in general, and believe in supporting a “pack-in, pack-out” way of life for our customers. Our sand-free design makes it easy to “give the sand back to the beach” with a simple shake before heading home. Additionally, Mālama Mat’s Flex Mesh storage feature keeps trash and personal property from blowing away in the wind and polluting our precious oceans. The Mālama Mat is the only sand mat product in the world that does this.
Great question. Cheaper mats and blankets are typically made of parachute material (nylon) or other materials that don’t actually leave the sand on the beach where it belongs. They are poorly constructed, with no way to filter sand off and out for reuse. In fact, they are often considered one-use items, to be thrown away after one day at the beach, making their environmental impact even worse. In addition, other sand-free beach mats have no built-in way to secure your personal property from being blown into the wind or stolen while you’re at play. The Mālama Mat is the best and most logical answer for any beachgoer who cares about minimizing coastal erosion and avoiding accidental ocean pollution.
Mālama Mats can be used for yoga and similar exercise (the Pono Sand-Free Mat is the perfect size for a single adult to bring to the beach, an exercise class, or yoga class). Lightweight and versatile, it comes with a large, rugged Flex Mesh pocket which zips securely to hold all your gear. The sturdy design and particle-filtering properties also make them ideal to place at the entrances to your tent or RV. In fact, you can take your Mālama Mat wherever you go for extra storage and easy-cleaning, eco-friendly comfort. Bring it to day hikes, picnics, concerts, soccer games, and more!