2020 Mālama Mat is Eco Friendly!

Zippered Malama Mat

The all-new 2020 Mālama Mat protects the beach as well as your personal property! The Mālama Mat is a dual-layer mat that allows the sand to fall through leaving a clean mat and comes with flex mesh pockets that securely hold your gear. Strong D rings in the corners hold the mat to the sand using the Rust Free Sand Stakes. These mats are made for durability and they allow you to have fun on the beach with an extra layer of security.

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Mālama Mat Leading the way in 2020

Zippered Malama Mat View 2

Going to the beach just got more secure and fun! The Ohana Sand Free Mat is large and roomy enough for the whole family to enjoy. Complete with marine-grade zippers, its Flex Mesh area is 18” wide and is divided into two large pockets that hold your personal items, protecting them from the wind. With Mālama Mat’s special dual-layer weave, the sand falls through the mat and stays on the beach where it belongs. All our mats are patent pending and handmade in the USA. Relax and Enjoy.

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Mālama Mat Next Generation Sand Free Mat

Different Colours Bags

Mālama Mat™ – The Next Generation of Sand free Beach Mats. The Mālama Mat is two parts. The first part is a multi-level mat that allows sand to go fall through and stay on the beach. The second part is a hand sewn Flexible Mesh pocket to keep your belongings secure. Soft but tough, together they create the Mālama Mat – designed to protect the Beach and the Ocean!

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