Mālama Mat™ Next Generation Sand Free Mat

3 Colours Zippered Bags 3 Colours Zippered Bags

Mālama Mat™ – The Next Generation of Sand free Beach Mats. The Mālama Mat is two parts. The first part is a multi-level mat that allows sand to go fall through and stay on the beach. The second part is a hand sewen Flexible Mesh pocket to keep your belongings secure. Soft but tough, together they create the Mālama Mat – designed to protect the Beach and the Ocean!

Depending on the model, there are Flex Mesh Pockets that zip close with marine-grade zippers. Or an Open End Flex Mesh for securing larger gear like coolers. One model has both! All models hold gear from the wind and secure your belongings. There are four models to suit any individual or family needs. The tough Mālama Mat can carry gear like water bottles, snorkels, fins, cameras or whatever you need to enjoy a day at the beach.

The Mālama Mat folds together when you’re done and can be carried away like a bag. Keep your gear protected and our beaches and oceans clean so you can relax and be proud you’re making a difference. All Mālama Mats are handmade, patent-pending, and Made in the USA.

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